Your question: What is the scientific name of female mosquito?

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What is the scientific name of female Anopheles mosquito?

Binomial name. Anopheles sinensis. Wiedemann, 1828. Anopheles sinensis is a species of mosquito that transmits malaria as well as lymphatic filariasis. It is regarded as the most important vector of these human parasitic diseases in Southeast Asia.

What is the scientific of mosquito?

Species Common Name: Mosquito Species Scientific Name: Culex sp. Aedes sp. Anopheles sp. … Cules tarsalis is the species we are most concerned with because it is a vector of West Nile Virus.

What does sporozoite mean?

sporozoite in American English

(ˌspoʊroʊˈzoʊˌaɪt ; ˌspɔrəˈzoʊˌaɪt ) noun. an infective body or group of cells released from spores in many sporozoans and formed by the division of a zygote: it is the infective stage of the malaria parasite.

Is malaria a virus?

A: Malaria is not caused by a virus or bacteria. Malaria is caused by a parasite known as Plasmodium, which is normally spread through infected mosquitoes. A mosquito takes a blood meal from an infected human, taking in Plasmodia which are in the blood.

Do mosquitoes actually bite?

As the mosquito is feeding, it injects saliva into your skin. Your body reacts to the saliva resulting in a bump and itching. Some people have only a mild reaction to a bite or bites. Other people react more strongly, and a large area of swelling, soreness, and redness can occur.

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Do mosquitoes only bite humans?

Only female mosquitoes bite people and animals to get a blood meal. Female mosquitoes need a blood meal to produce eggs. Mosquitoes get infected with germs, such as viruses and parasites, when they bite infected people and animals.

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