Which of these genes set up the segmentation patterns during development of Drosophila?

What is body segmentation in Drosophila controlled by?

For instance, over the past 25 years, more than 40 genes have been identified as playing a role in segmentation in Drosophila melanogaster (Peel et al., 2005). Segmentation in fruit flies is controlled by a cascade of transcription factors, some of which have been found in other arthropods.

Which of these gene is responsible for the development of Drosophila?

Explanation: Sxl or sex lethal gene is responsible for the development of male or female characters in Drosophila. Other genes mentioned work in human beings.

In what order do the segmentation genes function in Drosophila?

In Drosophila, segmentation genes function in a sequential manner in the following order: A. gap, segment-polarity, pair-rule.

What is the difference between a Parasegment and segment in Drosophila development?

What is the difference between a parasegment and segment in Drosophila development? … Segments correspond to the anatomical divisions seen in larvae and adults, whereas parasegments are subdivisions of the embryo that correspond to regions or domains of gene expression.

What is the role of morphogens in development?

Morphogens are substances that establish a graded distribution and elicit distinct cellular responses in a dose dependent manner. They function to provide individual cells within a field with positional information, which is interpreted to give rise to spatial patterns.

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