What are mosquito bits used for?

Mosquito Bits use Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis to kill mosquito and fungus gnat larvae before they mature into breeding adults. The larvae of these pest insects die within 24 hours of nibbling on the baited bits. Once applied, you can get back outdoors and begin to enjoy your lawn, garden and farm!

Are mosquito bits safe for all plants?

To kill fungus gnat larvae, simply shake the granular Mosquito Bits® onto the potting soil in houseplants. … Mosquito Bits contain BTI to kill fungus gnat larvae and mosquito larvae. This product is harmless to people, pets, beneficial insects, fish and wildlife.

Are Mosquito Bits natural?

What exactly are mosquito dunks and bits? Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits are made from naturally occurring soil bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis strain israelensis (for the rest of us: Bti). They are one of the most effective products on the market today.

Does cinnamon kill fungus gnats?

Chamomile and cinnamon are powerful natural fungicides, which kill off the gnats’ primary food source, therefore making the soil inhospitable.

Is Mosquito Bits safe for vegetable gardens?

Summit Mosquito Bits can be used to for fungus gnat larvae in soil then watered in. This would be safe in a vegetable garden for this pest only.

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Can you mix mosquito bits and fertilizer?

Great news: BTI (active ingredoent in Mosquito Dunks/Bits) does not interact with fertilizers. BTI also does not stress plants in any way. So you can mix your fertilizer right in your BTI-treated water and apply them simultaneously.

Do mosquito bits expire?

A: Just like mosquito Dunks, Bits are not given an expiration date, though you should have the mindset of them lasting at minimum 8 years. … A: Mosquito Bits last 7-14 days, with more needing to be used every 14 days. Q: Will the Bits harm anything other than mosquito larvae (dogs, cats, fish, etc.)?

Can you touch mosquito bits?

Are Mosquito Dunks and Bits safe? According to the manufacturer, Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits are only harmful to mosquitoes and their larvae. The manufacturer cites that they are not harmful to humans or pets.

Will mosquito bits kill birds?

Mosquito dunks are 100% effective in killing mosquito larvae. It can also even work on fungus gnats and black flies. … On the contrary, mosquito dunks are safe to humans, birds, fishes, frogs, and other wildlife.

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