Question: Which part of alimentary canal has teeth in cockroach?

Gizzard or proventriculus is the part of alimentary canal of cockroach has an outer layer of thick circular muscles and inner cuticle forming six highly chitinous plate called teeth.

Which of the following is correct about the alimentary canal of cockroach?

Hint: Alimentary canal of a cockroach is divided into three parts; foregut, midgut and hindgut and along with it, there are two pairs of salivary gland present in them. The food particle is ingested with the help of the mouth which leads to a small tube-like structure called the pharynx.

What is the part of digestive system in cockroach?

The three divisions of the cockroach digestive tract are: the foregut, which includes the crop and proventriculus, midgut, which includes the section below the proventriculus up to the caeca, and the hindgut, which includes the Malpighian tubules and the rectum.

What is the correct sequence of different parts present in alimentary canal?

Final stage – The correct sequence of the human alimentary canal is Mouth → Oesophagus → Stomach → Small intestine → Large intestine.

Why is cockroach important in day to day life?

Cockroaches are very important in humans day to day life because cockroaches are professional recyclers. Cockroaches contain protozoa bacteria in their digestive systems. This will help to convert the waste into easily absorbed nutrients. This is the main task for cockroaches in day to day life.

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Does cockroach have a stomach?

After entering the stomach of the cockroach, food is broken down by enzymes present within the gastric caecea and in the middle of the intestines is the mid-gut, which is responsible for nutrient absorption. Spiracles are visible on the sides of the cockroach’s body; these are used for breathing.

Do cockroaches have a complete digestive system?

Hint: The digestive system of cockroach consists of two parts i.e., alimentary canal and associated glands. Complete Answer: The alimentary canal of cockroach is divided into three regions: foregut, midgut, and hindgut. …

How many stomachs does a cockroach have?

Cockroach belongs to phylum Arthropoda. The body is divided into head thorax and abdomen. The abdomen consists of 10 segments.

What is the function of gizzard in cockroach?

Hindgut: Its main function is the absorption of water and minerals. So, the correct answer is, ‘the function of gizzard seen in grasshopper and cockroach digestive systems is grinding of food materials‘. Note: The main function of the gizzard is grinding the food and not storage.

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