Question: What are facets in Drosophila?

A compound eye is made up of many individual ommatidia. Each ommatidia has a hexagonal face which, together, all form the surface of the compound eye. It is this individual ommatidium face that is called a facet. A scanning electron micrograph of the facets within the compound eye of a fruit fly (Drosophila sp.).

What is bar locus in Drosophila?

Duplications of the Bar locus of Drosophila

The eye of the fly is normally an elongated oval shape whereas the bar eye phenotype is much thinner. When the chromosomes of males with bar eye are analyzed, a duplication in region 16A of the chromosome is detected. Another mutant of the eye shape is the double bar eye.

What is the white gene in Drosophila?

The white (w +) gene in Drosophila, discovered in 1910 by Thomas Hunt Morgan16, encodes a subunit of an ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter, which loads up pigment granules and deposits the content to pigment cells in the compound eyes, ocelli, Malpighian tubules and testis17, 18.

What is the genotype of Drosophila?

Drosophila, are diploid, with two sets of chromosomes and therefore two alleles at each autosomal locus. … If the gene occurs on a sex chromosome, females may be either homozygous or heterozygous, but a male fly with only one allele at a locus will be a hemizygote and would be described as hemizygous.

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Why does bar eye mutation occur?

(C) The Bar mutation arose by unequal crossing over between two Roo transposable elements (yellow), resulting in a tandem duplication. Reversion and triplication alleles arose from the Bar mutant by unequal crossover between duplicates that had aligned out of register.

Why is Haploinsufficiency dominant?

Haploinsufficiency describes the situation where having only a single functioning copy of a gene is not enough for normal function, so that loss-of-function mutations cause a dominant phenotype.

Can female Drosophila have white eyes?

All of the females and all of the males will have red eyes. All of the females will have white eyes; half of the males will have red eyes, and half of the males will have white eyes.

Why do Drosophila have white eyes?

1. Introduction. Pigmentation of the eye of Drosophila melanogaster is due to the synthesis and deposition in the pigment cells of red pigments (drosopterins), which are synthesised from guanine, and brown pigments (ommochromes) which are synthesised from tryptophan [1].

Where is the white gene in Drosophila?

Finally, in cultured Drosophila and mammalian cells, the White transporter is found in the endosomal compartment. The additional genes identified in this study as being involved in male-male courtship increase the repertoire of mutations available to study sexual behavior in Drosophila (Anaka, 2008).

What gene is mutated in white eye flies?

The Drosophila gene w (CG2759) is a central part of the eye-pigmentation pathway. It encodes an ATP binding cassette transporter, White (O’Hare et al., 1984; Pepling and Mount, 1990), that forms dimers with either Brown or Scarlet proteins, encoded by brown and scarlet genes respectively.

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