How long do you soak mosquito bits in water?

Just mix 4 tablespoons of Mosquito Bits® in 1 gallon of water. Let the Bits soak for 30 minutes to remove the BTI, then skim off the floating granules. (You can also place the Bits in a nylon stocking prior to immersing them in water.

How long can I leave mosquito bits in water?

Just sprinkle one teaspoon of Mosquito Bits per 25 square feet of water surface area or one tablespoon per 75 square feet. Mosquito Bits will kill mosquito larvae for seven to 14 days. Additional applications of Mosquito Bits should be made in seven- to 14-day intervals for continued mosquito control.

How long does it take for mosquito bits to work?

Mosquito Bits use Bacillus thuringiensis v. israelensis to kill mosquito and fungus gnat larvae before they mature into breeding adults. The larvae of these pest insects die within 24 hours of nibbling on the baited bits.

Can I soak mosquito bits in water?

Mosquito bits contain a bacterium that is poisonous to fungus gnat larvae when eaten. One recommendation to soak mosquito bits in water (2 tablespoons of mosquito bits to a half-gallon of water). Then you can water your plants with the mosquito bit-soaked water once per week for three weeks.

Do mosquito bits work?

To keep it plain and simple, yes, Bits and Dunks really work. EPA has this to say: “Killing mosquito larvae with microbial larvicides before they emerge as adults can reduce or eliminate the need for ground or aerial application of pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes.

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Do mosquito bits expire?

A: Just like mosquito Dunks, Bits are not given an expiration date, though you should have the mindset of them lasting at minimum 8 years. … A: Mosquito Bits last 7-14 days, with more needing to be used every 14 days. Q: Will the Bits harm anything other than mosquito larvae (dogs, cats, fish, etc.)?

Do mosquito bits kill springtails?

No, they work great to get rid of gnats and the Isopods and springtails will be fine. The bits contain bacteria that only targets fly larvae.

How many times can you reuse mosquito dunks?

So no, your mosquito Dunks can last as long as you need them to. Q: How long will one mosquito Dunk last once used? A: Once put in water, the Dunk, or piece of, will last 30 days. After that, if not all the larvae are gone, you’ll need to put another Dunk in and wait another 30 days.

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