How does Coragen insecticide work?

CORAGEN® is a member of the anthranilic diamide class of insecticides with a novel mode of action acting on insect ryanodine receptors. Although CORAGEN® has contact activity, it is most effective through ingestion of treated plant material.

How long does Coragen take to work?

Fast-acting chemistry: Lepidopteran pests stop feeding within minutes after exposure. Long-lasting protection: Residual control of up to 21 days with a foliar application, or longer with a drip application. Flexible application: At-planting soil applications, chemigation and/or foliar applications.

How do you use Coragen insecticide?

Fill spray tank to ¼ to ½ full of water. Measure the amount of Coragen required for the area to be sprayed. Add Coragen directly to the spray tank with the agitation engaged. Mix thoroughly to disperse the insecticide.

How do you use Virtako insecticide?

Dosage and methods of application : For Sucking pests use 40g/100 ltr of water. For Stem borer and Leaf folder of rice, granular application of 2.5 kg/acre is recommended. For sucking pests- 40g/100ltr of water ; For stem borer and leaf folder 2.5 kg/acre.

Is Chlorantraniliprole safe?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies chlorantraniliprole as a “Reduced Risk” pesticide. This means that chlorantraniliprole poses a lower risk to human health and the environment than other pesticides allowed for the same uses.

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How do you mix CORAGEN?


Fill spray tank 1/4 to 1/2 full of water. Add CORAGEN® directly to spray tank. Mix thoroughly to fully disperse the insecticide, once dispersed continued agitation is required. Use mechanical or hydraulic means; do not use air agitation.

How do you spray CORAGEN in sugarcane?

Spraying less

Sugarcane farmers, for instance, need to use just 150 ml of Coragen formulation that is diluted in 400 litres of water for every acre. For paddy, soyabean, tomato, arhar or chilli, the requirement is even lower at 60 ml/acre.

What is Ampligo?

Ampligo is a broad spectrum insecticide that can be used to control Tuta Absoluta, Diamond Back Moth, Whiteflies, Leaf-hoppers and Fall Army Worm.

What is Lambda cyhalothrin used for?

Summary. Pyrethrinoid insecticides are a family of pesticides widely used in Quebec to control insect pests in market garden crops. One such insecticide is lambda-cyhalothrin.

What is rynaxypyr?

Rynaxypyr is a highly potent and selective activator of insect ryanodine receptors with exceptional activity on a broad range of Lepidoptera. A strong correlation between insecticidal activity and ryanodine receptor activation is observed along with selective activity against insect over mammalian receptors.

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