Best answer: Why are my male dubia roaches dying?

Heat. Heat, or the lack of it, may contribute to a die off. Constant temperatures well below or sometimes even a little too high can cause major problems for Dubia roaches. They generally like temperatures between 80ºF and 85ºF, and maybe approaching 90ºF.

How do you keep Dubia roaches alive longer?

Provide at least 8 and ideally 10 to 12 hours of darkness every 24 hours. This can be achieved by storing their enclosure in a dark place. Dubia roaches need darkness and they become stressed if they don’t get enough. Keep them in a dark place and that should be fine.

Do Dubia roaches eat their dead?

What do Dubia roaches eat in the wild? Their natural foods include dead leaves and decaying plant material, lots of secondary bacteria, fungi, fruits, roots, and dead insects or mammals they may come across. Occasionally, they even eat each other.

Do Dubia roaches need heat at night?

Re: Can you use a night heat lamp for Dubia Roaches? Yes you can. What you want to get is either a ceramic heat emitter or a heat projector. They produce heat with no visible light.

How fast do Dubia roaches multiply?

They will grow about 1/8” every 3-4 weeks, depending on diet and temperature.

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How long can Dubia roaches go without eating?

Although Dubia roaches can sometimes survive months without food, the same is not the case with water. You need to constantly provide supplemental water if you want them to be alive and breathing. They usually can’t survive for more than 10 days without water.

Can you keep Dubia roaches in the fridge?

They do not stay in the fridge, you need a container with small holes and you can feed them greens like you feed your reptile.

Do Dubia roaches carry disease?

The diseases certain species have been known to carry originate not with the roach itself but its environment. In fact, other feeder insects in the herp trade – not Dubia roaches – have been singled out as potential disease carriers.

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