Best answer: Do cockroaches live in soil?

Cockroaches are among the most hated insects. … Most cockroaches are tropical or sub-tropical in origin and generally live outdoors. However, some species do live indoors. It is true that they thrive in dirt, trash and grime, but cockroaches can infest even clean and well-organized homes and buildings.

Do roaches live in soil?

Cockroaches can infest everything. … In fact, roaches prefer soil to plants as it benefits them more. Cockroaches enter homes that provide them with the conditions they need to survive. As long as they have access to food, water, and somewhere to hide, they’ll remain until these sources are depleted.

Do cockroaches live in potted plants?

In short, houseplants don’t typically attract cockroaches. However, if you use leftover food as fertilizer or create high humidity conditions in your houseplants, it can invite cockroaches as they are attracted to food, moisture, and dark cracks where they can lay eggs.

Do cockroaches hurt plants?

Cockroaches are usually considered indoor pests and not pests of vegetable gardens. They may inhabit the garden, but rarely eat the plants. … The roaches may feed on decaying organic matter and may also be found in compost piles.

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