Your question: Which feature is used to identify a male cockroach from a female cockroach?

Option D – Male cockroaches are distinguished from female cockroaches via anal styles.

Which of the following features is used to identify a male cockroach from a female cockroach?

by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams. In male cockroach, the 9th sternite bears a pair of sn~all and spine-like unjointed caudal or anal styles which are absent in female cockroach. The anal styles are believed to functiou as motion detector.

Which of the following features is used to identify a male?

In male, the 9th sternite (segment) bears a pair of spine like anal styles, which are absent in female and are used to differentiate between male and female. Additionally male cockroaches have long antennae than female. Males bear a pair of short, thread like anal styles which are absent in females.

Is there a difference between male and female cockroaches?

The males are longer than the females because their wings extend 4 to 8 mm beyond the tip of the abdomen. Males and females have a pair of slender, jointed cerci at the tip of the abdomen. … The male American cockroaches have a pair of styli between the cerci while the females do not.

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Which of the following is seen in male cockroach but absent in female?

Males lure females by secreting a sugar-rich substance from a gland in their abdomen. Anal style is not found in female cockroaches since it is present at the 9th segment on male cockroaches, therefore this is absent in female cockroaches and thus this option is incorrect one and it gets eliminated.

How many Spermathecae are present in female cockroach?

So, the correct answer is ‘6th abdominal segment of female’.

Which of the following is used to identify male cockroach?

Option C – Anal cerci are found at the 10th segment in male and female cockroaches. These are two in number and detect vibrations.

How will you identify the male cockroach?

The abdomen of male cockroach is slender as well as the last segment of the abdomen is pointed. The abdomen of the female cockroach is boat-shaped and the last segment is blunt. The wings of male cockroaches are larger. … There is only a pair of anal cerci is present in of female cockroach.

Which of the following is found in the male cockroach?

Complete answer: The 9th sternum of the abdomen in male cockroaches, comprises of a pair of minor, unjointed anal styles and the 10th segment consists of elongated, anal cerci, and the sternum of mesothorax is not split. A pair of anal cerci are present in female cockroaches and have the presence of bifurcated sternum.

What is the role of hypopharynx in cockroach?

The maxillae in cockroaches are paired and serve the primary function of tasting food. The hypopharynx is closely associated with salivary glands and functions as the tongue that helps in the movement of food in the preoral cavity.

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What is the function of antenna in cockroach?

Cockroach antennae have been extensively used for studying the multifunctional sensory appendage that generates the olfactory, gustatory, tactile, thermal, and humidity senses. Of the variety of senses, the tactile sense is thought to play a key role for perceiving physical objects.

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