You asked: How many hepatic gastric caeca are present at the junction foregut and midgut in alimentary canal of cockroach?

At the junction of foregut and midgut, there are 4-6 fingerlike structures called hepatic caeca. They are thin, transparent blind tubules arranged in rosette fashion in the anterior part of the stomach.

What is present at the junction of foregut and midgut of cockroach?

Gastric caecae are present at the junction of foregut and midgut in cockroaches.

How many gastric caeca are present in cockroach?

In cockroach, the hepatic caeca is present at the junction of the foregut and midgut. It is a ring of 6-8 blind tubules. Their function is to secrete digestive juices to facilitate digestion.

What is the function of ileum in cockroach?

Absorption of water and ions occur through rectum. In cockroach lipid absorption occurs through crop. In termites and scarabaeids (White grubs) absorption occurs through ileum. In solid feeders, resorption of water from the faeces occurs in the rectum and the faeces is expelled as pellets.

How many Malpighian tubules are present in cockroach?

This paper describes the different regions of the Malpighian tubules and the associated structures (ampulla, midgut, ileum) in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana. There are about 150 tubules in each insect. Each tubule consists of at least three parts.

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How many Ootheca is produced by female cockroach?

American cockroach: Female American cockroaches lay eggs in a hard case called an ootheca. About one week after mating, the female produces an ootheca. On average, females produce one ootheca each month for ten months, laying an average of around 16 eggs per case.

Which is the excretory product of cockroach?

The key components of cockroach and other insect excreta are urea and uric acid. Complete solution: Deamination causes a uricotelic organism to excrete uric acid or its salts.

What is spiracles in cockroach?

Hint:The process of respiration In Cockroach takes place through spiracles. These are the small openings on the sides of its body. Through spiracles, oxygen-rich air enters into the body of the Cockroach and moves into the tracheal tubes therefore, diffuse into various tissues and cells of the body.

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