You asked: Are Colorado potato beetles alive?

Kingdom: Animalia
Scientific Name: Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Do potato beetles play dead?

Its really amazing that they are such a devastating pest because they are such wimps. They play dead and throw up on themselves when they’re frightened and to top it all off, they’re lazy. This is good news for us – or at least those of us that are able to rotate out of potato and other solanaceous crops.

Do potato bugs still exist?

Colorado potato beetles inhabit most parts of the United States except for California, Alaska, Nevada and Hawaii. They also are found in Europe and parts of Asia. The beetles spend the winter in the soil and then lay eggs on the underside of their host leaves in the spring.

Are potato beetles invasive?

Colorado potato beetle (CPB) is one of the most devastating invasive insects and it is native to North America. It feeds on several wild species of the genus Solamum, such as S. elaeagnifolium and S.

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