Which of the following features is common between earthworm and cockroach?

Cockroach and earthworm are non-chordates and have a solid ventral nerve cord. It is present at the anterior side of the body. It helps in the support and attachment of muscles. So, the correct answer is option B.

What is the difference between earthworm and cockroach?

(I) Earthworms digestive track is straight and simple. cockroach is curved and more developed. (ii) Earthworm absorb oxygen passively through the moist skin while the cockroach takes gas diffusion place through their spircle . … Cockroaches use legs and wings to move……..

Which of the following feature of earthworm is similar to Frog and different to cockroach?

Antennae in Cockroach, tympanum of Frog and clitellum of Earthworm.

Which of the following is common to both cockroach and frog?

The common feature of frog and cockroach is indirect development.

What is the economic importance of cockroach?


Cockroaches shed their skins and their droppings contaminate hundreds of thousands of kilograms of stored food every year. Cockroaches are one of the most difficult to control pests due to their their ability to quickly become resistant to insecticides and their prolific reproductive habits.

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Which structure is not found in female cockroach?

In cockroaches, males bear a pair of short, thread-like structures present at the posterior region, which are absent in females. Complete answer: Male and female cockroaches can be distinguished externally through anal style, which is present only in males and absent in female Cockroaches.

Does cockroach show Metamerism?

It shows true segmentation i.e., external segmentation corresponds with internal segmentation. Cockroach also shows the metameric segmentation. Its anterior few segments are specialized to form head. Such metamerism is called heteronomous metamerism.

What are the mouth parts of a cockroach?

An opening on the head of the cockroach is called mouth.It is surrounded by a pair of mandibles,first maxillae,labium,hypopharynx and labrum. The mouth part of the cockroach is for biting and chewing. The labium and labrum forms the lip.

What is the common between earthworm and Apis?

Both earthworm (annelid) and Periplaneta (arthropod) have segmented bodies. In earthworm, the body is metamerically segmented while in Periplaneta, it is externally segmented.

What is the body cavity of cockroach?

The body of the cockroach consists of true coelom. It means that the body contains a cavity which is present in between the digestive system and the body wall. In the case of cockroaches, the cavity is filled with a blood-like fluid. This cavity is known as haemocoel.

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