Where is Spermatheca present in cockroach?

So, the correct answer is ‘6th abdominal segment of female’.

Where is spermatheca in cockroach?

So, the correct answer is ‘6th abdominal segment of female‘.

Does cockroach have spermatheca?

The sperm which is collected can remain viable and alive inside the spermatheca for several years. … Complete Answer: The spermatheca is an ectodermal organ responsible for receiving, maintaining, and releasing sperm to fertilize eggs.

What is a spermatheca where is it found and what is its purpose?

The so-called spermatheca, a sperm reservoir that collects sperm from the male in the course of several matings, connects with the oviduct, through which eggs are carried to the outside. The sperm can remain alive and viable in the fluid medium of the spermatheca for several years.

How many spermatheca are in a cockroach?

There are two spermathecae ( one pair) in cockroach.

Which structure is absent in male cockroach?

here is your answer: Spermatheca is absent in male cockroch.

What is Spermathecal aperture?

Spermathecal apertures are the genital openings present on the 5-9 segment of the earthworm. … It is an important organ of reproduction in earthworms. In case of earthworm four pairs of spermatheca are present. The spermatheca receives the spermatozoa of another earthworm during copulation and stores the same.

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