What role do homeotic genes play in the development of Drosophila?

Homeotic genes control the final determination of individual segments into structures in a Drosophila embryo. An example of a fly with a homeotic gene mutation would be a fly that has segments that developed into legs instead of antennae.

What is the role of homeotic genes in Drosophila?

Homeotic genes occupy a central position in the hierarchy of genes controlling the early steps of embryonic development in Drosophila. They are involved in the specification of the individual identity of each segment of the insect’s body.

How do homeotic genes regulate development in Drosophila?

Homeotic genes of the Antennapedia and bithorax complexes control Drosophila development by encoding DNA-binding proteins. These regulate the transcription of targeted genes. … This gene encodes a protein similar to a yeast protein which is required for transcriptional activation of multiple tightly regulated genes.

During what developmental stage of the Drosophila are homeotic genes expressed?

During development (starting at the blastoderm stage of the embryo), these genes are constantly expressed to assign structures and roles to the different segments of the fly’s body. For Drosophila, these genes can be analyzed using the Flybase database.

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What is the correct order of Drosophila development?

First, let’s discuss the Drosophila life cycle. Drosophila progress through 4 main stages of development: embryo, larva, pupa, and adult. The embryo is a fertilized egg that is about 0.5 mm long and oval shaped. Immediately after fertilization, the embryo undergoes rapid mitotic division without growth.

What is the role of morphogens in development?

Morphogens are substances that establish a graded distribution and elicit distinct cellular responses in a dose dependent manner. They function to provide individual cells within a field with positional information, which is interpreted to give rise to spatial patterns.

What type of diseases can be linked to HOX genes?

HOX genes play a fundamental role in the development of the vertebrate central nervous system, axial skeleton, limbs, gut, urogenital tract and external genitalia, but it is only in the last 4 years that mutations in two of the 39 human HOX genes have been shown to cause congenital malformations; HOXD13, which is …

Which statement is correct for homeotic genes?

That’s why the mutation in homeotic genes of wings caused the formation of legs in place of wings. These genes are also called as memory genes as they serve to set the developmental fate of a segment which is followed from one cell division to the next. Thus, the correct answer is A.

What is the function of homeotic genes in animal development?

Homeotic gene, any of a group of genes that control the pattern of body formation during early embryonic development of organisms. These genes encode proteins called transcription factors that direct cells to form various parts of the body.

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