What is the importance of crop pest?

What is the importance of crop pests?

Pest management is an important component of crop production. Pests can have a detrimental effect on horticultural operations by affecting the quantity, quality and ultimately, the marketability, of the crops grown. A pest is any animal, insect, weed or disease that attacks a crop.

What is economic importance of crop pest?

They directly cause diseases which may lead to complete death of crop plants. You can read on Micro-organisms causing Food, Water and Air Borne Diseases here. They may reduce the selling price for agricultural crops thus bringing about a financial loss to the farmer.

What is crop pest?

animals that injure or kill cultivated plants. The harm done by plant pests and diseases is great. The most varied and numerous species of crop pests are arthropods: insects, arachnids (mites), and some species of millipedes and crustaceans (wood lice). …

What is the importance of crop?

Agronomic crops provide the food, feed grain, oil, and fiber for domestic consumption and are a major component of U.S. export trade. Horticultural plants — those grown specifically for human use — offer variety to human diets and enhance the living environment.

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What are the advantages of crop protection?

They enable farmers to produce more crops per unit area with less tillage, thus reducing deforestation, conserving natural resources and curbing soil erosion. Pesticides are also critical for the control of invasive species and noxious weeds.

Why pest is harmful to human being?

Pesticides and human health:

Pesticides can cause short-term adverse health effects, called acute effects, as well as chronic adverse effects that can occur months or years after exposure. Examples of acute health effects include stinging eyes, rashes, blisters, blindness, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and death.

What is importance of pest?

Pests are living organisms that cause physical damage to man, animals and crops. In other words, pests can be described as any organism capable of causing damage to crop plant. Important pests of crop plants are grouped into the following classes: Insects.

Crops and Major pests.

Crop Pests
Stored grains Weevils

What is the economic importance?

Economics is important for many areas of society. It can help improve living standards and make society a better place. Economics is like science in that it can be used to improve living standards and also to make things worse.

What are the two types of pest?

Types of Pests

  • Ants, Bees and Wasps. Wasps, bees and ants (collectively known as hymenopterods) are one of the largest orders of insects. …
  • Bed Bugs. Bedbugs are small, elusive, and parasitic organisms all belonging to a family of insects called Cimicidae. …
  • Cockroaches. …
  • Fleas. …
  • Flies. …
  • Myriapods. …
  • Pigeons. …
  • Rodents.
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What are the major pest?

7.1 Major pests. … Lepidopterous fruit borers are generally the most important pests affecting production. Other important species include various leaf- and flower-eating caterpillars and beetles, bark borers, scales, leaf mites, fruit-sucking bugs, fruit-piercing moths and fruit flies.

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