What are maternal determinants in Drosophila?

In Drosophila, the initial polarities of the embryo along both the anterior-posterior (AP) and dorsal-ventral (DV) axes are also specified by maternal determinants. … We explore properties of the maternal Bicoid gradient in relation to embryo size in search for a unified framework for robust AP patterning.

What are maternal cytoplasmic determinants?

Quick Reference. Molecules that are localized in specific cytoplasmic regions of the unfertilized egg or zygote and affect cell fate decisions by segregating into different embryonic cells and controlling distinct gene activities in these cells. In the egg, such determinants are usually maternal mRNAs and proteins.

What are the three subsets of the maternal effect genes that regulate development of the anterior-posterior axis?

Maternally expressed genes distinguish the anterior from the posterior. Maternal effect mutants result in females that can not produce normal progeny. Three mutant classes are 1) anterior, 2) posterior and 3) terminal classes. Anterior class: loss of head and thorax (sometimes replaced with posterior).

What is cytoplasmic determinants example?

The factors responsible for this early mapping out, within zygotes, of subsequent cell fate determination are termed cytoplasmic determinants. … They consist, for example, of stored mRNAs as well as proteins and various regulatory factors that found within the cytoplasm of the egg cell.

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What are morphogenetic determinants?

In these embryos, morphogenetic determinants (certain proteins or messenger RNAs) are placed in different regions of the egg cytoplasm and are apportioned to the different cells as the embryo divides. These morphogenetic determinants specify the cell type.

What is maternal effect inheritance?

In genetics. In genetics, a maternal effect occurs when the phenotype of an organism is determined by the genotype of its mother. … Because of the inheritance pattern of maternal effect mutations, special genetic screens are required to identify them.

What aspects of development do maternal effect genes control?

These maternal gene products regulate meiosis, oocyte development, and early development of the embryo including fertilization, transitions between meiotic and mitotic cell cycles, and the switch from utilization of mRNAs and proteins provided by the mother to the embryo’s own gene products during zygotic genome …

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