How often should you use Mosquito Dunks?

How often do you use Mosquito Dunks or Bits? Sometimes standing water can’t be easily eliminated. That is where Dunks and Bits come in. Mosquito Dunks are intended to last for about 30 days once in the water.

Can you use too much Mosquito Dunks?

Just remember, that there is no point in using more than one Dunk in the recommended water surface area since it will do nothing but waste the product. The exception, however, is if the water is highly-contaminated, then an increased dose of Mosquito Dunks might be of use.

How long does it take Mosquito Dunks to work?

The floating action slowly dissolves the dunk, releasing the bacteria. Dunks® begin killing mosquito larva within hours; you should start to notice a difference in about 48 hours.

Do Mosquito Dunks actually work?

Yes! Mosquito dunks are 100% effective in killing mosquito larvae. It can also even work on fungus gnats and black flies. … Dunks are effective in getting rid of mosquito larvae on ponds, swimming pools, creeks, swamps, rain gutters, barrels or pots with collected rainwater, and water puddles.

How long soak mosquito dunks?

Just mix 4 tablespoons of Mosquito Bits® in 1 gallon of water. Let the Bits soak for 30 minutes to remove the BTI, then skim off the floating granules. (You can also place the Bits in a nylon stocking prior to immersing them in water. That makes it easier to remove the granules, which can be composted or discarded.)

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Can you use mosquito dunks in the house?

Set 1 quarter of a dunk in 1 gallon of water and allow it to mix with the water naturally overnight. Pour this treated water in a watering can and use it to water your houseplants. Repeat once per week to keep the fungus gnats away.

Will Mosquito Dunks kill larvae?

Mosquito Dunks are small, donut-shaped, floatable larvicide disks that dissolve in water and kill mosquito larvae.

Will Mosquito Dunks hurt frogs?

Dunks® do not use chemicals to control mosquitoes. They are effective on mosquito and blackfly larvae, and have been recommended for use in backyard ponds or fountains where fish, frogs, tadpoles, and other aquatic animals live. Studies have shown minimal irritation when Dunks® are eaten or contact bare skin.

Do Mosquito Dunks kill midges?

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits

It provides biological control of midges, killing them quickly at the larval stage. It comes in granules coated in BTI, bacteria toxic for insects.

Do Mosquito Dunks expire?

What is the shelf life of Mosquito Dunks®? Mosquito Dunks® can be stored indefinitely because, technically speaking, the dried B.t.i. in Mosquito Dunks® is not living, viable bacteria. (The toxicant that kills mosquito larvae is actually part of the B.t.i. spore).

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