How many secreting lobes are present in each salivary gland of cockroach?

Our results revealed a salivary gland complex consisting of two lobes (i.e., anterior and posterior), with a constriction between them (i.e., the hilum), in which the salivary and accessory gland ducts are inserted.

What is salivary gland of cockroach?

The salivary glands of cockroach open on the Hypopharynx. It is a tongue-like structure and through which the salivary glands secrete saliva. Salivary glands are paired and white structures and are situated one on either side of the crop in the prothoracic region. It consists of several lobes of secretory acini.

What is the function of salivary gland in cockroach?

It is concluded that the primary function of the salivary reservoir is to store salivary secretion for moistening and digesting food. Secondarily, when water is not available, the reservoir contents serve to partially satisfy the water requirements of the cockroach.

Do insects have saliva?

Insect saliva has numerous functions and properties such as digestion, maintenance of mouth parts, water balance, pathogen transmission, acts as a vehicle for pheromones, provides anti- predator defenses, has anti-microbial activity, and can aid in circumventing animal-host defenses and plant-host defenses.

Is salivary gland present in cockroach?

Hint: There are two salivary glands present in the cockroach. These salivary glands release their secretion with the help of a common duct, which opens at the base of the buccal cavity. It is also known as lingua or tongue.

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What is the function of colon in cockroach?

-The hindgut is divided into 3 parts : Proximal – ileum: it is the small narrow tubular part which absorbs remaining nutrients. Middle – colon: reabsorption of contents in juices secreted by Malpighian tubules. Distal – rectum: it stores the undigested food.

Why the blood of cockroach is Colourless?

Complete answer:

Cockroach blood is not red because it does not utilize hemoglobin to carry oxygen. Their bloodstream is not used to hold oxygen either. They use an organization of pipes called tracheae to bring oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide from their tissues. As a result, other aspects decide the blood color.

What happens if salivary glands does not function in your mouth?

If the salivary glands are damaged or aren’t producing enough saliva it can affect taste, make chewing and swallowing more difficult, and increase the risk for cavities, tooth loss, and infections in the mouth.

Do cockroaches have 2 hearts?

Cockroaches have multi-chambered hearts shaped like tubes that are much more resistant to failure than human hearts. The chambers are organized sequentially, each one pushing blood into the next, until the ideal output pressure is reached in the last chamber.

Why do cockroaches have a 13 chambered heart?

13 – Chambered heart occurs in (D) Cockroach. Explanation: The heart is tube shaped and even if it stops the insect doesn’t die as it has thirteen chambers unlike in humans who have four chambers in the heart. The heart performs the role of pumping oxygenated blood throughout the body to help it function.

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