How many chromosomes does an egg cell of a fruit fly have?

Every body cell of a fruit fly has 8 chromosomes. Every fruit fly gamete (sperm or egg) has 4 chromosomes.

How many chromosomes should be in a sperm cell from a male fruit fly?

For the fruit fly, the diploid number is 8, which can be written as 2N = 8, where N represents twice the number of chromosomes in a sperm or egg cell. Some cells contain only a single set of chromosomes, and therefore a single set of genes.

Why does a fruit fly have 8 chromosomes?

Eight chromosomes are found in the somatic cells in fruit flies, suggesting they have 2 pairs of four chromosomes. Mitosis ensures that each cell generated executes the correct functions since they are similar to the original cell. The mechanism by which sex cells are formed is meiosis.

How many chromosomes does a fruit fly have after mitosis?

Fruit fly body cells have 8 chromosomes. After mitosis, you would expect a resulting fruit fly daughter cell to have …

How many chromosomes does Rice have?

The rice genome (Oryza sativa; AA genome) is composed of 12 chromosomes (2n = 24) and has a total length of 430 Mb (megabase, a nucleotide length of 1000 000 base pairs) corresponding to about 1500 cM (centiMorgan, a genetic unit of length measured by the crossing‐over frequency in genetic recombinations at meiosis) ( …

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What animal has the most amount of chromosomes?

The organism with the highest chromosome number recorded in to date is estimated to be 1,440 (or 720 pairs) found in the adder’s tongue fern Ophioglossum reticulatum.

How many Haploids does a fruit fly have?

The significant genetic characteristics of fruit flies include: * a diploid number (2n) of 8 chromosomes, and 4 haploid (n) chromosomes; linkage is detected whenever 5 or more genes are studied because with a haploid number of 4 chromosomes, 2 of any 5 genes studied must be on the same chromosome.

How many sperm cells are formed from an original cell in a Drosophila fruit fly at the conclusion of meiosis?

Answer: Four sperm cells. Explanation: Meiosis is is a cell division process that generates four haploid cells (gametes) from a single diploid germline cell.

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