How long does Max Repel last?

Whatever your outdoor activity, you can trust Repel Sportsmen Max Formula Insect Repellent Lotion to provide up to 10 hours of complete protection against biting insects.

How long does repel last?

Length of protection ranges from two to 10 hours (depending on the percentage of DEET in the product). Formulas with 30 percent concentrations or lower can be used on children ages 2 months and older.

Why isn’t my Max Repel working?

The repel will not work in these cases: If your Pokemon is a lower level than the level of the opponent or possibly in my theory the average level of the area the repel will be rendered null. Also a repel will be rendered null in the case you walk into a rustling, dusty, rippling square of the game.

How do repels work in Black 2?

Generation II to IV

When used from the Bag in the overworld, it prevents wild Pokémon with a lower level than the first conscious member of the party from appearing for 100 steps.

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How does repel work Pokémon?

Repels are items in the Pokémon series which keeps Wild Pokémon with a level lower than the Pokémon in the front of the party away. It must be used out of battle and the effect of a Repel wears off after walking a hundred steps.

What does Super Repel do?

A Super Repel is an item that keeps away Pokémon weaker than the player’s for 200 steps.

What is the most effective tick repellent for humans?

5 Best Tick Repellents and Sprays for Humans

  • Nantucket Spider Tick Repelling Spray (Our Top Pick)
  • Natrapel 12-Hour Tick Spray (Our Second Choice)
  • REPEL Sportsman Max Insect Repellent.
  • Wondercide Insect Repellent.
  • Ben’s 100% DEET Tick Repellent.

How do Max Repels work?

An item that prevents any low-level wild Pokémon from jumping out at you for 250 steps after its use. An item that prevents any low-level wild Pokémon from jumping out at you for a while. It lasts longer than Super Repel.

Does repel not work on Victory Road?

Repels work to repel Pokemon that are at or below the level of your group lead. If you are underleveled, no, repels don’t do much.

Does repel work on shaking grass?

Does Using a Repel Prevent Shaking Grass? No, using a Repel does NOT prevent shaking grass.

Do repels work in caves?

Yes. Pokémon in Cerulean Cave can have higher levels than that. Repels do not work on wild Pokémon with levels higher than that of the first Pokémon in your party.

Where do you get super repel in fire red?


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Celadon City Dept. Store
Second Floor
Revive 1500
Repel 350
Super Repel 500

Does repel work on same level Pokémon?

Repels will work if all pokemon are lower level than the 1st pokemon in your party. If there are wild pokemons that have the same level as your 1st Pokemon in your party then you will encounter that Pokemon only.

What is the repel trick?

The Repel trick allows a player to find the highest-leveled wild Pokémon in an area. To perform it, the player needs several bottles of Repel and a Pokémon at a specific level. This trick works in all generations.

Are repels allowed in Nuzlocke?

The first wild Pokémon you encounter in a Route/Area, unless it is a Pokémon you already caught, must be caught. … You can buy items that don’t heal your Pokémon in any way, like Escape Ropes, Repels and TM’s.

Can you repel trick hordes?

Are the Starly the same level as the other hordes? A nice trick is to use Repel to ward off the other hordes if the levels work out. Repel will ward off all encounters lower than your level. If the other hordes are lower leveled, you can have a Pokemon in front that’s higher leveled but is on the same level as Starly.

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