How do you get rid of rank 5 pests in wizard101?

The rank of that spell is just very high, and you probably need to find a world with that kind of strong gardener. But as a shortcut, you can always go to Mooshu, and talk to the gardener there. He has a spell, which would cost about 25,000 and it removes all types of pests.

How do you get rid of pests in wizard101?

Summon Pixie will kill any pest on one single plant and prevent any and all pests from respawning for 48 hours. To train her, you must be rank 10 or higher in gardening experience, and pay $175,000 gold to Charley in the Oasis of Krokotopia.

How do you get rid of rank 6 pests?

Best way to get rid of rank 6 pests is to cast a pixie on your plant.

How do I get rid of rank 7 pests?

You don’t rescue the the gardener until about halfway through Khrysalis, towards the end of part 1. Until the gardener returns to Bastion, the only way to get rid of lvl 7 pests is to Summon Pixie. Barley in Khrysalis has the highest level gardening spells like Ant Lion (which kills any level pests).

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What do pests do w101?

Pests are annoying critters that will cause it to wilt and die if they are not dealt with. To get rid of pets, you will need to cast the appropriate pest fighting spell. Different types of pests require different types of spells.

Where do you get the rank 5 pest spell in wizard101?

You can buy the top pest stopping spell in mooshu from the garden vendor.

Where is barley in wizard101?

Barley is the gardening vendor of Khrysalis. His Gardening Spells and Seed Shop in Silent Market are available only after completing the “Putting Down” quest given in Khrysalis.

Where can I get rank 4 pest spell?

Re: Where to buy level 4 pest spell? AT MARLEY in mooshu has that spell the spell is 12,500 gold it kills rank 1 thru 4 rank bugs for 20 energy.. marley also has a spell that kills all pets no matter what rank for 25000 gold does 25 pet energy.

Where do you learn plant spells in wizard101?

These four spells are obtained for free simply by completing the gardening quest “Green Acres”. This quest is offered by Moolinda Wu at level 12 and starts your entire gardening tutorial with Farley in the Wizard City Golem Court.

How long does it take for a plant to grow in wizard101?

One plant may show you 16 hours till next harvest and the next plant may show 19 hours. By only going every 24 hours, It guarantees they will all be ready to harvest. In some cases, there are plants that take even longer than 24 hours till the next harvest.

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Where is Roger the Shrubber wizard101?

You have to be rank 10 in gardening to get a quest from Sumner Fieldgold, after you complete that quest you will get the quest to find Roger the Shrubber in Dun Dara, when you do what he tells you to do, he will come back to abbey road with gardening spells.

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