How do you get rid of aphids on blueberries?

Apply insecticidal soap directly to blueberry plants to kill off aphid populations. Concentrate on the undersides of leaves at the bottom of each plant.

How do I get rid of aphids on my blueberry plants?

Aphids are best controlled when colonies are small and before leaves start to curl. Aphids can often be removed by hosing plants with water. Do not use an insecticide if large numbers of predators such as ladybugs and lacewings are present as these will help to control the aphids.

What can you spray on blueberries to keep bugs away?

Remove debris around the plant where they can overwinter and apply a pyrethrum spray. Encourage natural predators and apply recommended methods to protect your crop. Even more pests include: Spotted wing drosophila.

Do blueberry bushes get aphids?

Blueberry aphids live in dense colonies on young shoots of blueberry bushes and produce large amounts of sticky honeydew. The aphids spread blueberry scorch virus. This virus disease can cause severe yield loss.

What is killing my blueberry bush?

Why is my Blueberry Plant Dying? Blueberry bushes die mainly when you overwater or overfeed the plant. Diseases like Blueberry Stem Blight, Botrytis, or Blueberry Scorch virus kill the plant. Nutrition Deficiency (Phosphorous, Magnesium, or Iron) may kill the plant as well.

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What bugs are attracted to blueberry bushes?

However, even when cared for and planted in an area of acidic soil that receives full sunlight, they still attract bugs, most commonly blueberry maggot flies, scales and thrips. An integrated cultural, biological and chemical approach to blueberry bush pest control helps ensure bugs won’t invade your crop.

What kind of bugs eat blueberries?


  • Aphid.
  • Blueberry gall midge.
  • Brown marmorated stink bug.
  • Cherry fruitworm.
  • Leafroller.
  • Obscure root weevil.
  • Root weevil.
  • Scale insects.

What keeps eating my blueberries?

Bluebirds, cardinals, catbirds, robins, mockingbirds, mourning doves and wild turkeys all nibble blueberries. Squirrels, mice, opossums and chipmunks also eat blueberries, but keeping the three smallest of these rodents out of your blueberries without resorting to trapping or toxic baits can be difficult.

How do I protect my blueberries?

The only foolproof prevention is to use an exclusion like bird netting. Bird netting is the most effective way to protect berries from birds. Bird netting is highly effective at excluding birds, but it has difficulties. Early on, I would drape netting directly on the blueberry shrubs.

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