Did Terminix buy catseye?

MEMPHIS, TN –(Marketwired – May 02, 2016) – Terminix, the leading provider of termite and pest control services in the United States, today announced an important expansion in upstate New York, Vermont and Massachusetts with the acquisition of the northern division operations of Catseye Pest Control.

Does Terminix own catseye?

The acquired business operations will continue operating as Catseye Pest Control with the support of Terminix and ServiceMaster. Catseye staff, services and guarantees will remain the same. Paul Giannamore of The Potomac Company represented and acted as sole and exclusive financial advisor to Catseye Pest Control.

What happened catseye?

ServiceMaster has acquired Catseye Pest Control’s Northeast Operations, headquartered in Castleton-on-Hudson, N.Y. The deal closed on April 18. Terms were not disclosed.

What company did Terminix buy?

Terminix has acquired the assets of Chino Hills, Calif. -based Antimite Termite and Pest Control and its Arizona affiliate, SOS Exterminating.

Is Cat’s Eye a gemstone?

Cat’s-eye, any of several gemstones that, when cut en cabochon (in convex form, highly polished), display a luminous band reminiscent of the eye of a cat; this particular quality is termed chatoyancy.

Is Terminix part of ServiceMaster?

Terminix is a business unit of ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SERV), a leading provider of essential residential and commercial services.

What cats eyes mean?

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Who is the CEO of Terminix?

How much is Terminix worth?

Terminix Global Holdings net worth as of July 30, 2021 is $6.75B. Terminix Global Holdings Inc. provides pest control services and protection against termites, mosquitoes, rodents and other pests. Terminix, formerly known as ServiceMaster Global Holdings Inc., is based in TN, United States.

Is Terminix a good company?

We gave Terminix a 98.5/100 score, the highest of any company we’ve reviewed. … Keep reading our Terminix review to learn about the company’s services, locations, customer ratings, and more, and determine if Terminix is right for you.

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