Why did Thomas Morgan use fruit flies in his study?

Morgan decided to use fruit flies to study how physical traits (for example, eye color) were transmitted from parents to offspring, and he was able to elegantly show that genes are stored in chromosomes and form the basis of heredity.

Why did Morgan study fruit flies?

Thomas Hunt Morgan, an embryologist who had turned to research in heredity, in 1907 began to extensively breed the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. He hoped to discover large-scale mutations that would represent the emergence of new species. … He isolated this specimen and mated it to an ordinary red-eyed fly.

Can female fruit flies have white eyes?

All of the females and all of the males will have red eyes. All of the females will have white eyes; half of the males will have red eyes, and half of the males will have white eyes.

What happens when you cross a white-eyed female fruit fly with a red-eyed male fruit fly?

A white-eyed female fruit fly is crossed with a red-eyed male. Red eyes are dominant, and X-linked. What are the expected phenotypes of the offspring? All of the females will have red eyes; all of the males will have white eyes.

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Why was TH Morgan chosen?

Morgan selected fruit flies for his genetical experiments for the following reasons : (a) They could be grown on simple synthetic medium in the laboratory. (b) They complete their life cycle in about two weeks and a single mating could produce a large number of progeny flies.

Why were all the white-eyed flies male?

Most of the white-eyed flies were male. … Morgan hypothesized that, in his breeding experiment, the first generation of flies contained males only with white eyes because the gene controlling eye color was on the X chromosome. Males displayed the white eye trait because the trait was present on their only X chromosome.

Why do flies have white eyes?

They have a defect in their “white” gene, which normally produces the red pigments in the eye. In these flies, the white gene only works partially, producing fewer red pigments than it should. These flies have white eyes.

Would it ever be possible to cross two red-eyed fruit flies and get a white-eyed fly?

Surprisingly, this cross yielded a 1:1:1:1 ratio of red-eyed females to white-eyed females to red-eyed males to white-eyed males. … All possible combinations of white eyes and sex are possible. The white-eye trait can be carried over to females when F1 females are crossed with white-eyed males.

What does a female fruit fly need for white eyes?

1. In fruit flies, the gene for white eyes is sex-linked recessive. (R) is red and (r) is white. Cross a white- eyed female with a normal red-eyed male.

What color are the eyes of fruit flies Drosophila melanogaster with a wild type white w gene?

In 1910 Thomas Hunt Morgan and Lilian Vaughan Morgan collected a single male white-eyed mutant from a population of Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies, which usually have dark brick red compound eyes.

White (mutation)

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Organism Drosophila melanogaster
Symbol w1
UniProt P10090
Other data
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