Which structure is present only in male cockroach?

Complete answer: The 9th sternum of the abdomen in male cockroaches, comprises of a pair of minor, unjointed anal styles and the 10th segment consists of elongated, anal cerci, and the sternum of mesothorax is not split. A pair of anal cerci are present in female cockroaches and have the presence of bifurcated sternum.

Which of the following structure are common in male and female cockroach?

Complete answer:

Male Cockroach Female Cockroach
The male cockroaches’ antennae are smaller than the females’. The antennae are relatively bigger than males’.
There are Anal styles. There are no anal styles.
The male cockroach abdomen is slender. The female cockroach’s abdomen is shaped like a boat and is blunt.

What is the difference between male and female cockroach?

The body of female cockroach is relatively larger than the male body. The abdomen of male cockroach is slender as well as the last segment of the abdomen is pointed. The abdomen of the female cockroach is boat-shaped and the last segment is blunt. The wings of male cockroaches are larger.

Is Spermathecae present in male cockroach?

– Cockroaches are dioecious and both sexes have well developed reproductive organs. a. Male reproductive system consists of a pair of testes one lying on each lateral side in the 4th -6th abdominal segments. From each testis arises a thin vas deferens, which opens into ejaculatory duct through seminal vesicle.

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Is heart present in cockroach?

Note: The heart is the key organ for blood circulation. It is a muscular organ and helps in pumping blood. Cockroaches have a multi-chambered heart which has many chambers present in it.

Is Labium found in male cockroach?

The male species are longer in length while the females are slightly smaller than the males. The head of the cockroach has a distinct triangular shape. … The head also has appendages that bear similarity to the mouthparts, such as labrum, a pair of mandibles, a pair of maxillae and a labium.

Which of the following is used to identify male cockroach?

Option C – Anal cerci are found at the 10th segment in male and female cockroaches. These are two in number and detect vibrations.

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