Which one of the following is not a sensory structure in a cockroach?

So, the correct answer is ‘Proventriculus’.

Which are sensory structures in cockroach?

Sensory organs found in cockroach are 1. Antennae 2. Maxillary palps 3. Compound eyes 4. Labial palps 5. Anal cerci (Write any four)

  • Antennae.
  • Maxillary palps.
  • Compound eyes.
  • Labial palps.
  • Anal cerci.

Which of the following has sensory function in cockroach?

Option A: Antenna of cockroach are sensory appendages which are responsible for the generation of tactile sense. Cockroaches have 2 antennas on their head and they play a key role in perceiving physical objects and obstacles.

Which of the following are the sense organs of cockroach?

The sense organs in a cockroach are the antennae, eyes, maxillary palps, labial palps, anal cerci.

How many types of structure are sense organs in cockroach?

The ultrastructure of five types of sensory organs has been examined on the pedicel and scape of the male cockroach Periplaneta americana. Two of the five, chaetic sensillum B and campaniform sensilla, are located on both flagellar and basal segments.

What is the function of antenna in cockroach?

Cockroach antennae have been extensively used for studying the multifunctional sensory appendage that generates the olfactory, gustatory, tactile, thermal, and humidity senses. Of the variety of senses, the tactile sense is thought to play a key role for perceiving physical objects.

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Which one of the following is incorrect about cockroach?

Cockroaches being an insect excrete using malpighian tubules. On the other hand, a prawn is a crustacean. It excretes using green glands that help in the removal of nitrogenous waste from its body. Thus, this statement is incorrect.

What is the vision of cockroach?

There are approximately 2,000 hexagonal ommatidia on each eye. A cockroach may receive multiple images of an object with the aid of several ommatidia. This kind of vision is known as mosaic vision with more sensitivity but less resolution, which is common at night.

What is the structure of cockroach?

Anatomy of a cockroach

Its body is divided into three segments: head, thorax and abdomen. Cockroaches have a long pair of antennae that help them to pick up smells and vibrations. The antennae are connected to the head, which also includes the brain, strong mouthparts for scraping and chewing food and compound eyes.

How many Ootheca are formed by female cockroach?

On an average, 9 to 10 oothecae are produced by a female cockroach.

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