Quick Answer: Can Beardies eat cockroaches?

Some common bugs and insects to feed your dragon include earthworms, cockroaches, silkworms, crickets, and roaches. … Both options are healthy choices for bearded dragons, yet dubia roaches are preferable as they are less likely to carry parasites and have twice the amount of protein crickets do.

Are cockroaches good for bearded dragons?

Feeding Bearded Dragons

A full grown bearded dragon can eat three to five Dubia roaches over the course of two to three feedings per day. In contrast, you’ll need larger quantities of Dubia roaches for baby bearded dragons. They typically eat 25 to 50 of these insects per day and can be fed multiple times each day.

What happens if my bearded dragon eats a cockroach?

They contain around 50% protein. You can’t usually get this from the fattier insects. According to some experts, if bearded dragons in captivity eat Dubia roaches on a regular basis, they can potentially get their natural diet in the wild.

Is it OK if my bearded dragon eats a house bug?

Favorite Insects

However, not all bugs are healthy for bearded dragons to eat. It is up to you to make sure they are eating safe insects. As far as tasty insects go, you can’t go wrong with black soldier fly larvae, butterworms, cockroaches, crickets, Dubia roaches, earthworms, locusts, redworms and superworms.

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Can Beardies eat Madagascar hissing cockroaches?

So can bearded dragons eat Madagascar hissing cockroaches? Yes they can eat them. They are a good treat for them. Make sure they are fed those that are purchased from pet stores and that they are from reputable breeders.

Can ants kill a bearded dragon?

Re: Can ants hurt my beardie? They can. They are one of the insects they should not eat. I would be worried about them biting your beardie, and him eating him.

How old is a 12 inch bearded dragon?

A small breed of bearded dragons will only grow to about a foot, and the smallest breed might only grow to a size of 4″ – 6″ inches.


Age Length
5 months 11″ to 16″ inches
6 months 11″ to 18″ inches
8 months 13″ to 20″ inches
12 months 16″ to 22″ inches

Can worms be too big for bearded dragons?

Food that is too large can be dangerous and even lethal to a bearded dragon. … It is not safe to feed bearded dragons insects or veggies that are larger than the space between their eyes. While they will happily eat larger pieces of food, they cannot effectively digest them.

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