Question: Why the body cavity of cockroach is called Haemocoel?

In the case of cockroaches, the cavity is filled with a blood-like fluid. This cavity is known as haemocoel. The blood vascular system of cockroaches is not well developed. The blood vessels do not open into capillaries rather they are in direct contact with the tissues.

What is Haemocoel body cavity?

The haemocoel is the main body cavity of invertebrates, such as insects. Insects do not possess an arrangement of blood vessels such as those in mammals. Instead insects have a cavity that is full of insect blood (known as haemolymph) and the organs of the insect are suspended in this cavity.

Why is the body cavity of a cockroach not a true coelom?

It is not lined by a properly defined membrane of mesoderm. Hemocoel is also a body cavity of cockroach which lacks the coelomic epithelium lining and present around the viscera and also contains blood. In hemocoel blood vessels are developed badly and open into space. So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Which of the following class are having Haemocoel body cavity?

The animals belonging to phylum Arthropoda and Mollusca have haemocoel. Haemocoel is the fluid found in the circulatory system of phylum anthropoda. The open circulatory system involves open body cavities that this liquid occupies freely.

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Is Haemocoel and coelom?

Haemocoel is a type of primary body cavity filled with circulatory fluids. Blood circulates through the haemocoel. Haemocoel is a reduced form of a coelom.

How many eggs are in an Ootheca?

German Cockroach Eggs

One ootheca can contain up to 50 eggs. Egg to adult takes 103 days, on average. Because they produce so many eggs that develop so quickly, their population grows very rapidly.

Is Haemocoel present in earthworm?

Complete answer:

It possesses the open circulatory system, wherein the blood flows freely in the body cavity i.e. haemocoel.

In which animals Haemocoel is not found?

Hydra does not contain haemocoel as it belongs to Phylum Cnidaria. Leucosolenia belongs to Phylum Porifera, hence does not contain haemocoel. Haemocoel is also absent in earthworms, as it belongs to Phylum Annelida.

Is Haemocoel found in Mollusca?

Haemocoel is found in the arthropoda and mollusca phylum. That’s why the correct answer is “Arthropoda”. Note: … Arthropods and molluscs have haemocoel.

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