How many segments are present in the abdomen of male and female cockroach?

Abdomen: In a male and female cockroach the abdomen consists of 10 segments. A genital pouch in females is created by the 7th, 8th, and 9th sterna. In males, on the hind end of the abdomen is the genital pouch. The male cockroach has thread-like anal styles which the female cockroach lacks.

How many abdominal segments are there?

The abdomen contains the insect’s digestive tract and reproductive organs, it consists of eleven segments in most orders of insects though the eleventh segment is absent in the adult of most higher orders.

What is the main difference between male and female cockroaches?

Complete answer:

Male Cockroach Female Cockroach
The male cockroaches’ antennae are smaller than the females’. The antennae are relatively bigger than males’.
There are Anal styles. There are no anal styles.
The male cockroach abdomen is slender. The female cockroach’s abdomen is shaped like a boat and is blunt.

What is the lower part of your stomach called?

The antrum is the lower part of the stomach. The antrum holds the broken-down food until it is ready to be released into the small intestine. It is sometimes called the pyloric antrum. The pylorus is the part of the stomach that connects to the small intestine.

Which terga is invisible in cockroach?

So the correct answer is ‘Nine‘.

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Which organ is present in both male and female cockroach?

Difference between male and female cockroach

Male Cockroach Female Cockroach
The male reproductive system consists of a pair of testes present in the 4th and 6th segments of the abdomen laterally The female reproductive system consists of two ovaries in the 2nd and 6th segment of the abdomen.
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