How do you maintain a Drosophila culture?

How do you maintain Drosophila in a lab?

Most large fly laboratories maintain stocks that are not in everyday use at 18ºC on a 4-5-week generation cycle. Stocks should be kept as two to four independent cultures, and it may be convenient to keep these on alternating generations, 2 weeks apart. Stocks are normally maintained in vials.

How is culture media prepared for Drosophila?

In the centralized kitchen, a standard cornmeal, sucrose, yeast medium is prepared and dispensed into different sized culture vessels. Media is prepared in a steam-jacketed food kettle and pumped into trays of glass vials (10ml), plastic vials (10ml) or into plastic bottles (40ml) depending on research needs.

What is the purpose of the Drosophila lab?

The goal of the experiment was to first identify the mutations and then through proper crossing of the flies, and analyzing the results of the crosses, find out whether the traits were sex linked, or autosomal, whether the genes for those traits are on the same or different chromosomes, and to construct a possible …

Are fruit flies maggots?

Within 24 to 30 hours, fruit fly eggs hatch into larvae known as maggots. These maggots feed on the fruits within which they were laid. Within one week, maggots burrow through the decaying matter and molt. … A few days later, adult fruit flies emerge.

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How long does it take for Drosophila to mature?

At room temperature, fruit flies can develop into adults within one to two weeks. The egg and larval stages span approximately eight days, while the pupal stage lasts six days. The adult fruit fly lives for several weeks. Twenty-four hours after a female fruit fly lays her eggs, larvae hatch.

At what temperature will fruit flies die?

Scientists have found that at 60°F, the lifespan of fruit flies decreases. When the temperatures fall below 53°F, these flies stop developing entirely. Still, adult fruit flies have the ability to “overwinter” when conditions get too extreme for them.

What is the life cycle of Drosophila?

The Drosophila life cycle is divided into four stages: embryo, larva, pupa, and adult. The time length of the stages is approximate and is shown in hours for embryos and days for larvae and pupae.

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