Does female cockroach have collateral gland?

The female cockroach has two collateral glands that form a hard egg case around the egg called ootheca.

Is collateral gland present in male cockroach?

They act as female genital structures and guide the ova into the ootheca as ovipositors. So, the correct answer is A- Spermathecae, B- Collateral glands, C- Gonapophyses. … – In male cockroaches also the external genitalia is termed as gonapophyses or phallomeres.

What is the meaning of collateral gland in cockroach?

Collateral glands are two highly branched tubular glands in cockroach, which are unequal in size. Both the glands open on the dorsal side of the genital chamber. The secretion produced by these glands form the oothecal case of the ootheca.

Which gland secretes ootheca in cockroach?

In cockroaches, the ootheca is secreted by a colleterial gland that opens into the vestibulum and secretes the protein and tanning agent.

How many Spermathecae are present in female cockroach?

So, the correct answer is ‘6th abdominal segment of female’.

What are caudal styles in cockroach?

Anal styles are also known as caudal styles. The anal styles are present at the 9th sternites. Anal styles are found in male cockroaches only. These are essential for motion detectors in males.

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What is common in male and female cockroach?

Complete answer:

Male Cockroach Female Cockroach
The male cockroaches’ antennae are smaller than the females’. The antennae are relatively bigger than males’.
There are Anal styles. There are no anal styles.
The male cockroach abdomen is slender. The female cockroach’s abdomen is shaped like a boat and is blunt.

Where is a cockroaches heart?

The dorsal sinus, located on the top of the cockroach, helps to send oxygenated blood to each chamber of the heart. But the heart isn’t there to move around oxygenated blood, Moore said.

Why the blood of cockroach is Colourless?

Complete answer:

Cockroach blood is not red because it does not utilize hemoglobin to carry oxygen. Their bloodstream is not used to hold oxygen either. They use an organization of pipes called tracheae to bring oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide from their tissues. As a result, other aspects decide the blood color.

How many malpighian tubules does a cockroach have?

This paper describes the different regions of the Malpighian tubules and the associated structures (ampulla, midgut, ileum) in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana. There are about 150 tubules in each insect. Each tubule consists of at least three parts.

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