Do termites live in wet wood?

Dampwood termites commonly live in heavily forested areas of the country as they prefer wet wood; while, drywood termites, much more rare in the United States, prefer extremely dry wood. … Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning damage to wood in and around a structure can happen very quickly.

Are termites attracted to wet wood?

Termites are attracted to wood, especially wet or moist wood. If you want to learn how to prevent a termite infestation, you first must understand how water damage plays a role.

Does moisture attract termites?

Termites are attracted to moisture and are more likely to infest if the soil next to the foundation is consistently moist. Water should be diverted away with properly functioning gutters, downspouts and splash blocks.

Do termites live in damp?

Habitats. These termites typically infest damp and decaying timber, as their name implies. Therefore, they are found mostly in damper places like in Western states, such as California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

What kills termites instantly?

Borates. Sodium borate, sold commonly as borax powder, can kill termites – as well as wash your laundry. You can either sprinkle the powder around the affected area, or you can mix it with water and spray it into an area that you believe to be infested.

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What eats damp wood?

Dampwood termites are common throughout California, but due to their high moisture requirements, they are most often found in cool, humid areas along the coast. Dampwood termites typically infest decayed wood that remains moist either through contact with the soil or exposure to a water leak.

What attracts termites in the house?

In addition to wood inside the home, termites are drawn inside by moisture, wood in contact with house foundations, and cracks in building exteriors. Different combinations of these factors attract different species. Additionally, geographic location plays a role in how likely homeowners are to deal with infestations.

Can I treat my home for termites myself?

Some of the best ways to get rid of termites is to apply termite-killing products to your home’s exterior, use direct chemicals on the inside of your home, set up termite baits, and spray boric acid in your floors and walls.

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