Best answer: Is cockroach ammonotelic animals?

Ammonotelic : Aquatic amphibia. Ureotelic : Cockroach, Humans. Uricotelic : Frog, Pigeon, Lizards.

Is cockroach ureotelic or ammonotelic?

Cockroach is Uricotelic. Explanation: Cockroach excretes nitrogenous substances in the form of waste material or in the other words cockroach excretes uric acid as a waste material so they are called Uricotelic insects.

Is cockroach a Uricotelic animal?

No, cockroaches are Uricotelic.

What are the examples of ammonotelic animals?

An ammonotelic organism excretes nitrogenous waste as soluble ammonia. Most of the aquatic animals including protozoans, crustaceans, platyhelminths, cnidarians, poriferans, echinoderms, fishes, larvae / tadpoles of amphibians are ammonotelic.

Is Frog an ammonotelic animal?

Since, frogs excrete ammonia, they are known as ammonotelic.

Why cockroach is called Uricotelic?

– As cockroaches are reptile insects and Cockroaches excrete nitrogenous compounds as waste material or we can say cockroaches excrete uric acid as waste material, which is why they are known as Uricotelic insects.

Which is ureotelic animal?

Ureotelic animals – Animals that excrete urea in the form of waste are called ureotelic animals. Urea is less harmful than ammonia and requires less water for excretion. Examples: Few bony fishes, adult amphibians, fish, cartilaginous fish, and mammals including humans are ureotelic.

Why protozoa are called ammonotelic?

It is a very toxic substance to tissues and extremely soluble in water. For the excretion of ammonia (NH3), a large amount of water is required. … The marine organisms that excrete ammonia into the water are called ammonotelic. Protozoans, echinoderms, poriferans, cnidarians, etc.

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What are uricotelic animals?

Uricotelic organisms are the organisms which excrete nitrogenous waste substances in the form of uric acid, e.g., Lizard, some insects and birds. Ureotelic organisms are the organism which excretes the nitrogenous waste as urea. For example, bony fish.

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