Are sawfly larvae dangerous?

Both mature and larval sawflies are harmless to humans. Sawflies infest many species of trees and a large infestation may weaken a tree’s ability to withstand damage caused by other tree infesting insects.

What do sawfly larvae turn into?

About Sawflies

They resemble flying ants but have no ‘waist’ between thorax and abdomen. … Eggs hatch into larvae that resemble moth caterpillars, although they have more pairs of ‘pro-legs’ on their abdominal segments. The larvae usually feed in groups on leaves and fruit of plants.

How do you identify sawfly larvae?

They can be distinguished from the caterpillars of butterflies and moths by the number of prolegs and by the number of eye cells. Sawfly larvae have six or more pairs of prolegs (including the clasper at the tail). These are the fleshy false legs that follow behind the six true legs at the front of the larva.

What are sawflies good for?

Role of sawflies and woodwasps in gardens

Sawfly larvae provide food for some birds and other insect feeders; they are also attacked by some parasitic wasps and flies. Some sawflies can be damaging to garden plants, particularly those with larvae that can cause extensive defoliation.

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