Are red or white eyes dominant in fruit flies?

A white-eyed female fruit fly is crossed with a red-eyed male. Red eyes are dominant, and X-linked. What are the expected phenotypes of the offspring? All of the females will have red eyes; half of the males will have red eyes, and half of the males will have white eyes.

Is white eyes dominant or recessive in fruit flies?

The eye color gene is located on the X chromosome (one of the sex determining chromosomes of Drosophila). White eye color is recessive.

Are red eyes recessive in fruit flies?

Like the orange eyed flies, these flies have normal eye sight, but one of the genes responsible for producing the wild-type red eyes is defective. This mutation is recessive and makes the fly blind. These flies have a mutation that makes it so the body is not instructed to make eyes during development.

What body color is dominant in fruit flies?

Question: In fruit flies, gray body color is dominant over black body color. White eyes are dominant over red eyes.

Why are fruit flies eyes red?

There are actually two types of pigment in the eye of the fruit fly. The first kind is a rusty-colored pigment called ommachrome pigment. The second is the reddish pigment, called pteridine, which gives the eye its bright red color. … The optical insulation prevents light rays from scattering when they enter the eye.

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Is wild type dominant in fruit flies?

In Drosophila, the most common form is called the ‘wild type‘. A mutant can be either dominant or recessive to the wild type. … If the mutant is recessive to the wild type, its name is given in lower-case, but if it is dominant, it is given in upper case.

What is the purpose of the fruit fly experiment?

The purpose of our fruit fly experiment was to learn about genetics which is the study of DNA, genes and traits. We also studied mutations, which are the changing of an organism’s genes and DNA sequence which makes the organism different than that of its species, and the effects of it on our flies.

What are Apterous wings?

Apterous is a LIM-homeodomain protein that confers dorsal compartment identity in Drosophila wing development. Apterous activity requires formation of a complex with a co-factor, Chip/dLDB. Apterous activity is regulated during wing development by dLMO, which competes with Apterous for complex formation.

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