Are German cockroaches found in Canada?

The German cockroach is the species most often found throughout Canada and the rest of North America. Other structure-infesting cockroach species commonly encountered in Canada include the American cockroach, oriental cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, and wood cockroaches.

How dangerous are German cockroaches?

Yes, German cockroaches are very dangerous to have invading your home. They carry a large number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites on their bodies and in their feces which can cause diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, and other serious health concerns.

What kills German roaches the best?

The best pesticide for German roaches generally, is gel bait and the most popular product is Advion gel bait. It’s simple to use, highly effective, easily placed in the cracks and crevices these bugs are often found, and kills more than just the roach that ate it.

At what age do German cockroaches reproduce?

Brown-banded cockroach: Brown-banded nymphs molt up to eight times over the course of five to six months. After their last molt, they are ready to reproduce. It can take up to 276 days for a brown-banded cockroach to mature into an adult from the egg. Male adults can easily fly if they feel threatened.

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